Crumbling Concrete

Concrete Car Park Collapse

Concrete Car Park Collapse

What has caused a concrete car park collapse in New York City?

A multi-storey concrete car park in Manhattan’s Financial District partially collapsed, resulting in one fatality and five injuries.

CBS, the BBC’s US partner, reported that the collapse started on the second floor of the four-storey structure.

The New York City Fire Department deemed the rescue operation “extremely dangerous” for the firefighters due to the building’s instability.

Chief John Esposito from the FDNY attributed this instability to poor concrete management and delamination.

As the firefighters searched for survivors, the building continued to crumble, endangering their lives.

Thankfully, all workers in the building have been accounted for, and one trapped worker on an upper floor was rescued.

Advanced technology, including a robotic dog and drones, aided the emergency response, but the cause of the collapse remains unknown.

The Department of Buildings personnel are investigating and checking neighboring buildings for any damages.

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the crucial role proper maintenance and oversight play in ensuring the safety of our buildings and those who use them.

Could this happen in the UK?

Yes it could.

In the UK, the team at Structural Repairs are on a mission to save our concrete structures.

Using the very latest technology and their years of knowledge they will be able to produce detailed condition reports.

They believe that every concrete asset should have a concrete birth certificate and have regular maintenance scans.

Give the Structural Repairs team a call if you are concerned about the integrity of your concrete.

A multi-storey concrete car park in Manhattan's Financial District partially collapsed,

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