Structural Solutions for Hotels

Maintaining structural integrity and guest safety should be paramount for hotels.

We provide specialised inspection, maintenance, and upgrades to ensure your hotel's concrete, masonry and steel structures continue operating safely for many years.

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Inspections Protect Guest Safety.

Detailed structural inspections using techniques like ground penetrating radar, ultrasonic testing and 3D laser scanning allow us to detect issues behind walls and underground before they turn into major failures.

This allows timely repairs that avoid guest disruption.

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Concrete/Masonry Services

From hairline cracks and spalling to leaking basements or failed balconies, we carry out tailored localised repairs using fibre reinforcements, structural grouts and other specialist materials matched to your building.

We also offer large-scale renovation services if extensive reconstruction is needed.

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Carbon Fibre Strengthening

An innovative, minimally invasive structural strengthening solution – carbon fibre sheets or plates bonded to columns, beams, walls, and slabs can noticeably increase load capacity and seismic/wind resistance.

This allows structures to be upgraded to support additional floors, new equipment, or other changes with no disruption to interior spaces.

Contact our structural engineering team for an assessment of your property – identifying vulnerabilities early is key before small issues escalate.

We deliver practical, customised solutions tailored for hotels focusing on guest safety and minimal disruption.

Get ahead on inspections and proactive repairs today.

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Structural Solutions for Hotels

Hotel structures face immense demands - supporting heavy equipment like chillers and generators, high foot traffic, events loading, and continual vibration.

Issues left unaddressed can quickly endanger guest safety.

Our engineering team provides critical structural solutions to keep hotels operating safely.

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Alarming Issues That Arise

Cracks in concrete columns/walls from steel corrosion - Could lead to collapses if not repaired.
Leaking basement walls/foundations - Risks electrical fires, mould, unsafe air
Bowing beams, floors sagging under excess loads.
Brittle masonry facade, failed balcony anchors - Posing deadly risks to pedestrians below.

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Our Safety Inspections Identify Vulnerabilities

We conduct ultrasonic testing, ground penetrating radar, corrosion mapping and other scanning to detect compromised structural integrity behind finishes and underground.
This allows identification of concerning weaknesses for preventative maintenance BEFORE catastrophic failures occur.

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Custom Structural Repairs and Upgrading

Localised concrete spall repairs, steel rebar restoration - Restores integrity.
Carbon fibre reinforcement for undersized columns/beams - Unobtrusively increases capacity.
Full masonry repointing or facade replacement
Waterproofing leaking foundations to prevent further erosion.
Protecting guest safety is our top priority.
We work decisively to diagnose issues and implement pragmatically engineered solutions that avoid shutting down your hotel.
Contact us for more information on comprehensive structural evaluations.

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