Seawall Repair

Through the use of expert knowledge and industry leading machinery, we conduct highly thorough seawall surveys before putting into practice the recommendations we suggest.

What Are Seawall Repairs?

Seawall repairs are the act of conducting remedies on parts of your seawall which are found to be under distress.

These repairs are often conducted in the form of replacing failing seawall caps, replacing tiebacks, add more rip-rap, replace panels, fill in cracks and much more.

In certain severe cases, when a seawall experiences complete failure, repair will have to be undertaken in the form of entirely replacing the seawall.

Smaller repairs are, however, much more common and an effective means in order to prevent an entire seawall replacement.

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What Does Seawall Damage Look Like?

Regularly inspecting a seawall for signs of damage is a vital part of the upkeep of the structure.

An effective way to do so is to look out for any cracks in the seawall and identify whether it has any large or small chunks which have broken off.

Large widening gaps present between the seawall slabs are likewise common damage which require repair and assistance. Signs of rust are further signs that your structure is in need of repair along with the bowing, leaning, misalignment or cracks in any of its slabs.

The settling of soil or holes along the seawall are likewise conditions which should be looked out for when identifying whether the structure is damaged and in need of being remedied.

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What Causes Seawall Damage?

Given the turbulent conditions seawalls are constantly subjected to, despite their resistant nature, it is no surprise that they are often found to be damaged and in dire need of being brought back to health.

Repairs are often required due to aspects such as canal dredging, waterway lock systems and/or strong tides or current, and more. In addition, significant changes in water depth are likely to cause seawall failure.

The causes of seawall damage are not limited to merely these reasons, however.

The turbulent and unpredictable conditions they are exposed to means that there is a vast array of elements which are likely to cause damage to seawalls such as severe and unpredictable weather conditions.

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How To Repair Seawall Damage?

Seawall damage is typically damage which requires repair from industry professionals given the complexity of the repairs which usually require expert machinery, tools, expertise and skill to be effectively conducted.

In fact, any damage other than small cracks, such as large cracks, severe erosion, separation of panels, cap/wall leaning, wall bowing or bulging, wall kicking out, seawall movement and more, should be repaired by professionals.

Common seawall repair methods include replacing parts of the wall, filling in cracks with resin, replacing eroded dirt with new fill soil or in the case of extreme failure some seawall structures will have to be entirely placed.

Either way, for further information regarding the condition of your seawall please feel free to get in contact with one of our industry professionals who are able to provide you with a free consultation and quotation today!

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How To Prevent Seawall Damage?

As is the case with many structures we repair, these are certain preventative measure which you can take in order to prevent your seawall from sustaining damage in need of substantial repair.

For example, conducting regular inspecting and repairing small damage is a great way to do so. A good way to do so is to replace any failing seawall cap and panels through the use of applying a new concrete cap.

The same can be done with tiebacks by replacing when necessary.

Adding more rip-rap to alleviate the bottom of the seawall is an effective way to prevent serious toe-out and replacing panels, tie-back rods and cap is useful in order to prevent extensive waterline damage.

In addition, the water level along your seawall is an important element to keep track off on a regular basis to make sure changes in depth will not cause your structure to fail.

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How We Can Help With Seawall Repairs?

Here at Structural Repairs, we make sure we conduct a thorough and comprehensive survey of your seawall as a means to identify and analyse the condition of your structure. We then proceed to suggest recommendations for how we can effectively bring your seawall back to full health.

Through the use of our expert knowledge and industry leading technology, we then proceed to carryout remedial actions as necessary. Our results driven approach allows us to attain superior levels of seawall repair, a service which we know is important to our clients.

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