Safeguarding Marine Structures Through Specialist Engineering

Protecting critical coastal and offshore infrastructure from waves, storms and ongoing saltwater damage requires continual evaluations and maintenance from specialist engineers.

We provide essential repair and upgrading across ageing seawalls, piers, harbours, lighthouses, and offshore platforms.

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Why Marine Sites Require Tailored Structural Solutions

Continual saltwater exposure leads to accelerated steel reinforcement corrosion inside concrete, threatening structural stability.
Scouring of foundations from currents and storms also undermine critical assets. Our solutions address key risks like:

✓ Concrete spalling enabling further steel corrosion
✓ Buried seawall cracks propagating enabling collapses
✓ Pier and platform leg undermining from rising sea levels
✓ Lighthouse foundation scour causing dangerous leaning

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Our Scans Catch Issues Before Catastrophe Strikes

Using marine-grade GPR systems, subsurface sonar and drone mapping, we thoroughly analyse slabs, walls, pilings, and foundations identifying deterioration issues early for customised repairs—before small problems cascade into full disasters.
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Resilient Repairs Withstand Extreme Offshore Environments

Our engineers specify highly corrosion-resistant materials designed to endure ongoing ocean exposure across repairs like:

✓ Carbon fibre reinforced concrete pillar restoration
✓ Steel piling jacket reinforcements for offshore platforms
✓ Riprap armouring to arrest seawall/pier scour
✓ Lighthouse masonry repointing with salt-resistant mortars

By getting ahead of maintenance issues, we deliver safety upgrades adapted for marine sites—contact us today.

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