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As industry leading specialist, we offer an extensive range of bridge repair services and are qualified to both identify your bridge’s current damage and put into practice the repairs required to bring the structure back to health.

What Are Bridge Repairs?

Bridge repairs are very similar to other forms of structural repairs and are usually required on a unique and specific basis.

Overall, however, many bridges need repairs such as rebar corrosion solutions, concrete scanning, concrete delamination solutions, structure strengthening, crack stitching, cleaning, graffiti removal and much more.

For further information on what repairs your bridge needs, it is best to contact industry specialist such as ourselves.

Please feel free to reach out to one of our industry specialists who are able to provide you with a free consultation and quotation today.

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What Causes Bridge Damage?

There are an abundance of factors which are likely to cause damage to bridges, both in regards to human and natural causes.

Firstly, many bridges suffer damage merely due to natural wear and tear which occurs over time.

Other natural causes which are a source of damage include weather conditions such as floods, severe winds, falling trees, fires, earthquakes and much more.

On the other hand, according to the American Society of Civil Engineering, human related causes include aspects such as construction flaws, infrastructure issues, manufacturing errors, accidents from vehicles, boats or planes and the like.

Many times, bridges sustain damage not only from one of these occurrences, but from many occurring simultaneously.

Either way, bridge damage is a normal and expected occurrence and is likely to happen to all bridges over time.

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When does My Bridge Need Repairing?

As a rule of thumb, it is expected that most types of bridged will require maintenance and repair at least once over a period of one or two years.

The time period over which type repair if necessary, however, does vary.

For example, which bridges are likely to require a wash and a clean of the deck every one to two years, lubricating a bridges bearings is commonly only required every two to four years.

In the same vein, seal and waterproofing concrete decking is often only necessary to be conducted every three to five years.

For more accurate information regarding which repair jobs your bridge is likely to require, please feel free to get in contact with one of our industry experts who are able to provide you with a free consultation and quotation today.

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How Are Bridge Repairs Conducted?

Bridge repairs usually consist of structural surveys being conducted on the structure as a means to firstly understand at which condition the bridge stands at.

Once this is done, repairs can then proceed to take place according to the requirements of each bridge.

These repairs are usually required to be undertaken by industry specialist as they need specialized machinery, tools, expertise and skill in order to be conducted.

Other forms of bridge repair, however, such as maintenance action, is not always required to be conducted by a specialist and is a job you may be able to do yourself.

To understand which repairs are needed to be done by a specialist and which you can do yourself, please feel free to get in contact with us as we are able to provide you with a free consultation and quotation regarding the matter!

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How To Prevent Bridge Damage?

Bridge repairs can be conducted in either a reactive or a proactive manner where reactive refers to action being taken once damage has been identified and proactive means taking preventative action in order to prevent any damage from potentially occurring in the future.

As a means to prevent bridge damage, proactive actions should be taken in the form of regular maintenance.

Preventative maintenance is typically more cost-effective and includes tasks such as washing and cleaning, sealing deck joints, clearing drainage areas, sealing cracks, painting exposed elements, removing trash and other debris, protecting against scour, lubricating bearings and much more.

For further information on how you can be conducting preventative action to maintain your bridge please feel free to get in contact with us as we are able to provide you with a free consultation and quotation where necessary.

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How Can We Help With Your Bridge Repairs?

As leading industry specialist, we have an abundance of experience with bridge repairs and thus are able to promptly and thoroughly identify the remedial procedures which your bridge requires in order to be brought back to full health.

As a company, we have over 35 years of experience in the industry and our trained specialists possess both the necessary skills and expertise in order to go above and beyond your needs and expectations.

When it comes to the repair of your bridge, we first conduct a comprehensive survey in order to understand and identify the current condition of the structure.

We then proceed to make recommendations we believe your bridge would benefit from.

Able to put into practice the recommendations we outline, our team will then proceed to successfully mend and repair your bridge as required.

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