Public Buildings

Maintaining Structural Integrity of Public Buildings

Public buildings and structures like government offices, hospitals, community centres and schools are cornerstones of society needing continual upkeep.
With heavy traffic and vast mechanical systems, issues get overlooked until failures endanger lives.

We provide essential maintenance.

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Why Public Sites Face Heightened Risks

Limited visibility behind walls coupled with tight budgets often leads to defects going unnoticed across these critical facilities.
We focus solutions on early intervention guiding owners on vulnerabilities.

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Our Scans Spot Hidden Flaws Before Disasters

Using GPR, thermography, and advanced 3D mapping we thoroughly analyse slabs, walls and buried structures identifying deterioration, leaks, or weaknesses early for preventative repairs before catastrophes like:

Brittle concrete spalling onto pedestrians below
Rooftop AC unit collapse through weakened trusses
Buried water main leaks eroding foundations.

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Custom Repairs Suit Tight Budgets

From epoxy crack injections and minor concrete patching to full slab replacements, we tailor permanent repairs minimising disruption to tight program budgets.
Upgrades maximise public money through resilient materials designed for longevity.

Contact us to learn about comprehensive assessments balancing safety with accessibility across your facilities relied upon daily by communities nationwide.

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Future-Proofing Public Buildings Through Specialist Engineering

Community public buildings require continual upkeep to stay safe as needs change long-term.
With heavy traffic and vast mechanical systems, defects can be overlooked until failures suddenly endanger lives and disrupt essential services.
Our maintenance solutions balance safety with accessibility.

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Carbon Fibre Strengthening - Non-Invasive & Rapid

An advanced technique for aging structures, thin high-strength carbon fibre bonded to existing concrete and steel surfaces noticeably increases load capacities and seismic resilience with no changes visually.

Upgrades happen quickly with no service interruptions.

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Scans Catch Hidden Structural Flaws

Using cutting-edge GPR, thermography and 3D laser mapping, we thoroughly examine slabs, walls, roofs and foundations identifying hidden flaws like:

Concrete cracks enabling future collapses.
Steel decay in critical supports
Erosion and chemical attack
Early detection allows permanent repairs before small problems cascade suddenly into catastrophes.

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