Timber Resin Repair

Our timber care repairs team are highly trained and experienced in determining which resin repair method will be appropriate for each job in hand.

What Are Timber Resin Repairs?

Timber resin repairs (TRR) are utilised in cases where timber does not necessarily need to be replaced but can be repaired and reinforced. They are able to strengthen timbers which find themselves in a weakened condition.
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Why Are these Repairs Needed?

When it comes to renovating or restoring buildings that have suffered structural damage, or upgrading a structure to cope with a heavier load, it is vital to have an effective way to manage timber repairs.

Timber, when not maintained properly can become fragile.

If it isn’t appropriately treated it may become warped, infected or break.

In addition, it is common for timbers to experience damage caused by woodworms, wood decay and rot.

On the contrary from more traditional timber repair methods, TRR is able to provide a solution which does not involve disturbing undamaged timbers, brickwork and plasterwork.

More traditional TRR’s are also known to detract from the aesthetic appearance of timbers when on beams which are exposed and visible.

Timber Resins Repairs are thus needed when timber damage is not extensive enough to require a full and complete replacement.

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How Are the Repairs Conducted?

Solid resin repairs, for example, are performed when the end or centre section of a piece of timber is damaged or needs strengthening.

A shutter box is created and epoxy resin poured into it over steel rods.

Once it has set hard the shutter box is removed.

Other methods include making a Timber-Resin Splice to repair in-situ timber beams or trusses leaving an almost invisible joint.

Crack repairs, on the other hand, involve the injection of resin into the splits in the timber, while joinery and cosmetic timber repairs are easily affected with resin.

If your property requires any sort of structural timber repairs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our timber repair team are highly trained and experienced in determining which resin repair method will be appropriate for each job in hand.

We first survey your property to assess the repairs required and then apply the appropriate techniques.

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Are Repairs Effective?

The TRR’s are very effective when it comes to their ability to repair damaged timber which is not damaged enough to require a full replacement.

In addition, this is one of the most effective means in order to repair broken structural points such as at the ends of beams.

TRR’s are likewise known for their top-notch adhesive properties, high mechanical strength, and resistance to chemical attacks.

In the same vein, they are highly waterproof meaning they are now affected by elements such as fungal decay or woodworm infestations.

In all, there are an abundance of benefits which can be taken advantage of when utilising resin as a repair method.

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What Are The Benefits Of Timber Resin Repairs?

Epoxy resin suits most applications, repairs beams, fills cracks, and resists decay, rot, and insects.

Its adhesive properties match timber structure, repelling water and resisting damp and fungal attack.

Epoxy never shrinks and bonds strongly to existing timber, enabling us to save and recycle wood structures during sympathetic renovation projects.

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