Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing a basement is not only an extremely desirable endeavour, but likewise one which must be conducted up to the highest standard, which is exactly how we conduct our waterproofing.

What Is Basement Waterproofing?

It is the process of conducting activities on a basement which make its walls waterproof to any water or moisture it might be exposed to.
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Methods Of Basement Waterproofing

Innovatively, cavity waterproof membrane solutions have superseded antiquated, unreliable tanking methods within the industry.

Traditionally, direct application of sheet membranes, bitumen, or liquids onto basement walls and floors comprised conventional tanking.

Ultimately, this technique frequently failed under hydrostatic pressure over time.

Therefore, at Structural Repairs, our extensive training and expertise helps us utilise superior cavity membrane methods.

This creates a drained, depressurised cavity behind an inner waterproof layer that diverts any penetrating moisture away from walls.

Expeditiously, our cavity membrane approach transforms damp, wet basements into sophisticated, dry, livable spaces with minimal disruption.

For expert consultation and a competitive quote if you wish to expand your living area underground, contact Structural Repairs.

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What Causes The Need For Basement Waterproofing?

Various factors can necessitate basement waterproofing.

For instance, property owners may find their basement currently suffers damp damage, requiring waterproofing.

Alternatively, converting your basement to a livable space mandates effective waterproofing.

Ultimately, basements need waterproofing to protect walls from water and moisture ingress. Unwaterproofed basements risk major structural peril to occupants from damp damage.

Additionally, damp notoriously damages respiratory health, so prompt prevention or remediation is crucial.

Finally, aesthetically, damp ingress frequently stains and discolors basement walls unsightly with dark marks and salt deposits.

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What Are The Benefits?

Untreated damp spawns exponentially worsening problems over time.

Waterproofing basements carries myriad benefits – preventing damp ingress and associated consequences.

Waterproofed basements avert expenses of damp repairs, musty odors, aesthetic wall damage, property devaluation from damp infestation, severe structural deterioration, emerging mold and rot, etc.

In summary, basement waterproofing proves highly advantageous by preempting damp damage itself and all resultant adverse effects accompanying moisture ingress.

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How Effective are the treatments?

Untreated damp can cause a large variety of problems which only become worse as time goes by.

Waterproofing a basement holds a variety of benefits given that you are both able to avoid the ingress of damp, as well as being able to avoid the consequential issues which arise due damp ingress.

A waterproofed basement is able to avoid issues such as the cost of repairing damp, the musty smells which come along with damp, the aesthetical damage caused to your walls, the drop in value a property experiences when infested with damp, severe structural damage, appearing mould and rot, and the like.

In all, waterproofing a basement is very beneficial in the sense that it allows you to avoid damp damage itself, as well as all of the negative consequences which come along with the ingress of damp.

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How can Structural Repairs Can Help?

Structural Repairs provides a highly professional Basement Waterproofing service, using a complete range of dedicated high-quality cavity drain membrane systems, basement tanking and associated products.

Building regulations require that all floors and walls below ground level are waterproofed, to stop damp rising and entering a building’s structure.

Keeping moisture out particularly in basements with a high-water table or old buildings with porous cellar walls is a problem that needs to be handled by experts, with a proven track record, who can find the best solutions for the task.

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