Heritage Structures and Buildings

Safeguarding Historic Structures Through Specialist Engineering

Restoring aging cathedrals, museums, monuments, and other treasured structures requires engineering expertise balancing preservation with modern demands.

Our discreet structural solutions retain heritage while improving safety.

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Why Historic Sites Require Specialist Care

From vibration damage to water infiltration and natural shifts over centuries, heritage buildings face immense stresses requiring non-invasive diagnosis and sensitive upgrading.

Our engineers understand aesthetic and material constraints delivering vital repairs.

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Scans Spot Issues Without Surface Damage

Using narrow-focus GPR, 3D laser mapping and drones, we scan facades, walls, foundations and buried structures for defects without harming intricate historic finishes.
This guides minimally invasive solutions before small issues escalate.

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Discreet Strengthening Protects Integrity

Flexible grout injections seal cracks/voids without aesthetic impacts
Low-profile carbon fibre reinforcement for undersized supports
Moisture mapping guides drainage upgrades preventing further erosion.

We specify durable materials that withstand weather and use while avoiding alterations that would endanger heritage status.
Contact us to learn about custom solutions balancing preservation with extended lifespan.

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