Multi-Storey Car Parks

Structural Solutions for Multi-Storey Car Parks

While often overlooked, ageing multi-storey car parks require continual concrete and structural maintenance to ensure public safety.

Most facades, ramps and floor slabs were built decades ago before dramatic increases in vehicle weights.

Undetected defects can trigger deadly collapses as material degrades over time.

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Car Park Structures Endure Growing Vehicle Stresses

Many car parks built with designs from the 1970s-1990s did not account for SUVs and modern cars averaging around 25-50% heavier than older vehicles.

The immense and increasing loads accelerate structural fatigue, deterioration issues and collapse dangers, especially with inadequate maintenance.

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What Could Happen If Issues Go Unspotted?

Corroded post-tension cables snap triggering deadly floor cave-ins.
Severe concrete spalling drops lethal debris onto vehicles/pedestrians below.
Foundation erosion causes exterior wall failures across multiple levels.
Ramp deterioration leads to partial collapses hindering emergency vehicle access.

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Our Scans Identify Defects Before Disasters

Using cutting-edge GPR and ultrasonic technology paired with detailed 3D mapping, we thoroughly examine slabs, walls and foundations identifying concrete and corrosion issues early for preventative maintenance across aged facilities before small problems cascade into catastrophes.

By getting ahead of maintenance issues, we deliver essential repairs ensuring car park structures provide safe public access in line with growing vehicular demands.
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