Nuclear & Power

Structural Solutions for Nuclear & Power Plants

Maintaining vital structures across nuclear, coal and gas power production requires advanced concrete solutions.
Our expertise covers plant operations and the specialised demands of nuclear decommissioning.
We ensure reinforced containments; cooling towers and all assets retain structural resilience against extreme hazards.

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Nuclear Plant Decommissioning Requires Concrete Specialisation

As functioning reactors cease operation, retaining containments and turbine buildings with thick reinforced concrete walls endure immense stresses during decontamination.

We provide specialty repair materials and strengthening methods resistant to chemical attack, plus carbon fibre upgrading helps contain radiation long-term.

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What if Ongoing Issues Go Unchecked in Functional Plants?

Cooling tower concrete spalling enables dangerous equipment vibrations.
Containment dome liner failure causes radiation detection alarms to trigger.
Reactor building wall cracks propagate enabling radioactive gas leaks.
Severe plant structure floods enable crippled nuclear fuel damage.

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Our Inspections Identify Defects Before Disasters Materialise

Utilising sophisticated GPR scanning, corrosion mapping, thermographic surveys, and drone examinations, we thoroughly analyse containment walls, cooling tower shells, backup generator slabs and all structural assets.

This reveals deterioration issues early for preventative intervention before safety failures ensue.

By spotting vulnerabilities early, we deliver vital repairs ensuring nuclear and power facilities withstand the immense demands of clean energy production and hazardous decommissioning processes.

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