Structural Solutions for Rail Infrastructure

Ensuring train networks operate safely requires continual structural evaluation and concrete maintenance across vast assets - bridges, tunnels, stations, platforms and rail support buildings.

If issues go undetected, safety and service risks rapidly rise.

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Rail Structures Face Immense Stresses

Continual vibrations from heavy rolling stock coupled with UK weathering inflicts immense damage long-term - cracks deteriorate into collapses causing major rail disruption.

Our engineering expertise delivers essential structural repairs.

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What Could Happen if Defects Go Unnoticed?

Concrete station canopy spalling endangers crowds below.
Eroded tunnel wall lining collapses, trapping trains, commuters inside.
Corroded rail bridge reinforcements lead to deadly train derailments.
Sewer leaks erode station platform foundations causing cave-ins.

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Our Scanning Surveys Spot Vulnerabilities Early

Using techniques like ground penetrating radar, impact echo and 3D laser mapping we thoroughly examine buried foundations, aging viaduct lining and other structural assets.

This identifies deterioration issues early for preventative repairs BEFORE catastrophic failures ensue.

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Custom Structural Upgrading and Repairs

Localised carbon fibre wrapped concrete reinforcement.
Steel viaduct braces restoration for detected metal fatigue.
Added post-tensioning cables increases load capacities.
Drainage upgrades to arrest sewer erosion of slab bases.

Contact us to evaluate the structural health of your rail transport infrastructure before minor issues endanger thousands of commuters daily.
Safety is paramount with timely repairs.

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