Leak Seal

Specialists in all things structural, our leak seal solutions are effective at solving pressing issues such as hairline concrete cracks and gushing foundation leaks through the use of our top-notch Polyurethane Leak Seal solutions.

What Is Leak Seal Solution?

Leak seal solutions is when leaking defects such as hairline concrete cracks, gushing foundation leaks, leaking basement cracks, and the like, are repaired via the injection of materials such as polyurethane to create a foam rubber seal where necessary.
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Why Is Leak Seal Solution Needed?

Leak seal solutions are required when elements of a structure are not appropriately fitted together or have recently experienced the formation of cracks.

Leak sealing solutions are used to seal these cracks, joints, or voids as a means to shut off any water or liquid seepage which may be occurring.

This repair method is often used as a means to prevent water leaks in drainpipes and sewerages, as well as hairline concrete cracks, expansion and construction joints.

Leak sealing is likewise able to remedy gushing foundation leaks and provide ground stabilisation.

In all, leak seal is a repair method able to resolve a large range of different structural problems.

For further information regarding whether your structural issues can be solved via the use of leak sealing, please feel free to get in contact with us today to obtain a free consultation and quotation today!

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What Causes The Need For Leak Seal Solution?

The need for leak seal solutions arises when a building’s health or usability is compromised due to the appearance of cracks or voids.

There is a plethora or reasons as to why these cracks or voids may arise.

Firstly, cracks and voids may arise simply due to time – as a building or structure becomes older in age, it is very common for it to experience natural wear and tear.

Secondly, faulty foundations or subsidence are a further common cause of cracks and voids appearing in a building.

As the foundations of a property shift, it is very common for cracks and further damage to appear as a result.

Although there are common reasons as to why cracks and voids may appear on a property, each case is unique and the need of leak seal solution can vary greatly.

Therefore, for further information regarding your specific situation please feel free to reach out to us as our friendly team is here to help with any queries you may have by being able to provide you with a free consultation and quotation today.

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How Are Leak Seal Solutions Applied?

Leak seal solution methods vary depending on the type of damage which is in need of being repaired.

However, more often than not, leaking elements of a building or structure are able to be permanently repaired via the use of leak seal injections by using a water-activated flexible foam.

The way it works is that pressure injections of liquid polyurethane resin material are forced into leaking cracks, joints, and other defects.

Once the polyurethane crack injections are fully applied to the desired areas and left the set, the polyurethane resin rapidly reacts with water to form a flexible and watertight seal.

The type of leak seal solutions applied vary according to the size of the voids required to be filled.

For further information, however, please feel free to get in contact with our specialist team who are able to provide you with a free consultation and quotation today!

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Are Leak Seal Solutions Effective?

Leak seal solutions are known for being extremely effective at repairing leaks occurring from the formation of structural cracks or voids.

Furthermore, virtually any defect can be sealed with the Spetec series of polyurethane resins which we use here at Structural repairs as it is optimized for concrete crack injection. Our solutions are able to stop leaks instantly and permanently and are effective at further repairing pipes, gutters, drains, roofs, windows and other areas where water is seeping through.

For additional information, please feel free to contact our specialist and friendly team who are able to provide you with a free consultation and quotation regarding your specific situation.

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What Are The Benefits Of Leak Seal Solutions?

There are a large variety of benefits which come from using leak seal solutions as a repair method for cracks and voids causing liquid leakages.

Firstly, leak seal solutions are known to be a cost-effective repair method. They are likewise very time effective and are able to be conducted within a very short time frame.

Leak seal solutions are also minimally disruptive as they do not cause any disruptions such as noise, removal of excessive materials or large equipment to be brough onto site.

Leak seal solutions, when done with competence, are also an extremely effective repair method as they are designed to provide a sturdy, stable and long-term solution.

In all, leak seal solutions bring with them an abundance of benefits which its user can take full advantage of.

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