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Structural Repairs are leading global specialists in renovating, strengthening and repairing commercial and domestic buildings.
Your Solution To Everything Structural

We provide a full range of structural repairs and building renovation solutions for commercial, industrial and residential customers.

We have a range of solutions for all aspects of damp from rising damp to penetrating damp.

Our larger works that we undertake include; underpinning, crack stitching, piling, waterside repairs, ground anchor systems, concrete levelling and leak seal repairs.

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Structural Repairs
So where did it all begin?

Selling a range of repair materials for industrial and commercial building maintenance, South Somerset council contacted us on a busy bank holiday weekend circa 1989 with an urgent situation.

A car and caravan had caught fire and the concrete road surface had delaminated due to the heat rendering the road unusable.

Although only in the business of supplying product, we had been trained in the application and the pleas of persuasion to assist due to the huge traffic backlog, enticed us to jump into action and assist.

6 Hours later the road was reopened to traffic and the repair remains intact to this day.

This was the beginning of many repairs…..

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Approved Contractors
Who are Structural Repairs Trusted by?

We are approved contractors & installers in waterproofing membranes, groundwater pumps, and sumps for clients such as J Newtons, Delta, and Triton.

We are also approved contractors for ThorHelical Remedial, Helifix, Alchemy Spetec, and Stonehealth Doff & Torc Stone/Building Cleaning.

As Featured in:

With an array of renowned buildings successfully repaired by our team and forming part of our portfolio, we have proudly been featured in both local and national media channels such as newspapers and radio.
Why Structural Repairs?
Fix Customers Problems
The Team have over 35 years’ of combined experience. We are experts when it comes to restoring, renovating, strengthening and reinforcing.
A Complete Solution
Becoming partners with Structural Repairs enables you to offer a complete solution, from your expert engineering services to our expert repair services.
Enhance Your Reputation
The Team have over 35 years’ of combined experience. We are experts when it comes to restoring, renovating, strengthening and reinforcing.
Structural Repairs Commitment: Responsive & Transparent

We aim to always provide a transparent and responsive service. As a part of our commitment we promise to respond to all requests within 24-48 hours.

Call us to discuss any issues you may have.

Increasing the longevity of buildings and structures
Structural Repairs are a leading global specialist
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