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The water industry relies on vast infrastructure networks of concrete pipelines, sewage systems, water treatment plants, reservoirs, and other facilities. Over time, concrete structures are vulnerable to damage and deterioration which can lead to structural weaknesses, leaks, or even catastrophic failures. Our structural engineering services provide vital solutions to detect, repair and strengthen concrete assets for water companies.
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Concrete Repairs

From minor spalling and cracks to large sections needing replacement, we execute concrete repairs with specialised materials and methods tailored to your structures.

Repairs can be made quickly to restore structural integrity and stop leaks.

We also offer solutions for concrete deterioration due to chemical attack, abrasion or other issues facing water infrastructure.

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Carbon Fibre Strengthening

Carbon fibre reinforcement is an innovative, minimally invasive way to structurally strengthen concrete spans, columns, and structural members.

Adding thin carbon fibre sheets or plates to the exterior surface can increase load capacity and seismic resistance with very little change visually.

This allows upgrading structures without major renovation costs.

With decades of structural engineering expertise, we provide trusted testing, maintenance and repair solutions customised for waterworks assets.

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Water infrastructure faces immense pressures daily—hairline cracks deteriorate into leaks and collapses causing major disruption.

As key structural vulnerabilities persist undetected, safety and supply risks escalate. Our engineering team provides critical testing and repairs to maintain integrity.

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What Could Happen if Issues Go Undetected?

Concrete pipeline cracks eroding from pressurised water—devastating floods downstream. Corroded rebar inside containment walls leads to catastrophic plant failures. Reservoir roof lining failure dumps millions of litres of treated water. Sewage digester dome with severe chemical attack collapses.

Our Scanning Inspections Reveal Defects EarlyUtilising ground penetrating radar, ultrasonic surveys, and laser mapping we thoroughly examine all concrete and structural assets identifying deterioration, weaknesses and chemical ingress early before small issues become large failures impacting communities.

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Custom Repair and Carbon Fibre Upgrades

Localised pipe crack injections with waterproof resin
Steel rebar restoration inside critical containment walls
Added carbon fibre reinforcement for undersized reservoir domes.
New acid-resistant coating for sewage digesters

Contact us today to learn more about our safety-conscious engineering services for water infrastructure maintenance and upgrading.

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