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Structural Repairs are leading national specialists in increasing the longevity of buildings and structures

Global Structural Defect Specialists

Analysing & Repairing Concrete Structures

By using the latest concrete analysis & data capturing technology Structural Repairs are ensuring hidden defects and concrete failure is of the past.

Proactive concrete scanning and analysis of your structures, not only reduces the unexpected costly repairs, but having a planned maintenance plan increases the longevity of your concrete structures. 

We provide a full range of structural repairs and building renovation solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential customers.

Concrete Scanning, Concrete Corrosion Survey,

Some of Our Structural Repair Services

Our Structural Repair solutions include Concrete Scanning, Concrete Repairs, Subsidence Repair, Ground Stabilisation, Screw Piling and plenty more.

Our larger works that we undertake include; waterside repairs and construction, ground anchor systems, rail and marina repairs.

Concrete Scanning

Using a variety of comprehensive concrete scanning procedures to identify defects, voids, honeycombing and object & rebar mapping.

Concrete Repairs

A common repair in need of skill to bring your structure longevity, permanent and effective health.

Concrete Corrosion Surveys

Using half-cell technology we can identify active corrosion of rebars in reinforced concrete, identifying concrete delamination.

Screw Piles

Screw piles are the 21st century alternative for concrete underpinning, stabilising a wide range of structures and properties

Soil / Ground Stabilisation

Ground stabilisation is a process of injecting structural resins or grouts under your property or structure to stabilise the ground.

Stadium & Bridge Surveying

A visual, non-intrusive inspection which details the structural condition of your Stadium or Bridge using the latest technology.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Structural Repairs have Been Featured In National Press

Our team has successfully repaired an array of renowned buildings, forming an extensive portfolio of impressive work.

As a result, we’ve been proudly featured in local and national media channels, including newspapers and radio.

Our leading industry expertise has been recognized and valued by trusted sources, resulting in our professional comments and opinions being featured in national papers such as The Times.


Concrete & Corrosion Scanning

Analysing Hidden Defects in Concrete Structures

Concrete scanning is the act of reading what sits under a concrete surface via the use of non-intrusive technology. 

This is done in order to identify whether there are elements sitting under a concrete’s surface or to obtain an understanding of a known element’s condition. Concrete scanning is further able to identify whether anomalies such as voids or cracks exist under a concrete surface. 

Industry leading equipment non-intrusively penetrates your concrete structure and allows us to understand what is going on under its surface. 

Once this has been conducted, our industry specialists are then able to interpret the findings and report back to you on the condition of your concrete. Additionally, providing recommendations regarding how to repair any poor condition found within the concrete are likewise provided.

This certificate would provide detailed information about the ingredients, production processes, and testing results of each batch of concrete

The Cockpit, Eton

Structural Repairs Restoring the Oldest Building in Eton

Currently on Historic England’s At Risk register after falling into a state of disrepair, the derelict space is thought to date back to 1420 but has been left to deteriorate after previous efforts to restore the space ended in the developer’s bankruptcy in 2016.

Fortunately, Structural Repairs is planning to restore The Cockpit to its former glory and has now outlined its vision for the building. Structural Repairs has committed to buy The Cockpit, repair it, and open it as a tourist attraction, after it was put up for sale by the official receivers.

Trusted Engineers Tasked With Repairing Eton’s Oldest Building

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