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Structural Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

From offshore oil rigs to onshore storage facilities, petrochemical plants and pipelines, our structural engineering services keep concrete and steel assets in the oil and gas industry operating safely and efficiently.

We understand the unique demands these structures face and provide tailored testing, maintenance, repair and strengthening solutions.

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Concrete Scanning for Corrosion & Defects

The heavy hydrocarbon and salt exposure in oil and gas facilities can severely corrode concrete, along with issues like sulphate attack and abrasion damage.

We utilise cutting-edge scanning technology like half-cell mapping, ultrasonic testing and ground penetrating radar to identify structural defects and deterioration before it escalates into a major problem.

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Concrete Repairs for Chemical Resistance

We carry out specialised concrete repairs with chemical-resistant materials and methods designed to withstand hydrocarbon and solvent exposure.

This includes resin injection of cracks and voids, steel rebar restoration to prevent further corrosion as well as replacement of severely damaged sections.

Repairs can be done to restore structural integrity, stop leaks and prevent further chemical ingress damage.

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Strengthening Structures through Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre strengthening is an innovative way to structurally reinforce concrete and steel structures whilst assets remain in operation.

Thin, high-strength carbon fibre plates and fabrics are bonded to interior/exterior surfaces to increase load capacity, impact/blast resistance and seismic resilience with minimal down-time.

This allows oil and gas structures to be upgraded to meet changing demands.

With full-scope structural engineering capabilities, we offer time-critical maintenance, repairs and upgrading solutions for active facilities.

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Structural Solutions for Oil & Gas

Operating petrochemical plants, offshore platforms and pipelines place immense structural demands requiring continual concrete and steel upkeep.
If maintenance lapses, safety and environmental risks rapidly escalate.
Our structural engineering team keeps assets standing.

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What if maintenance lapses? Alarming issues that develop:

Cracks/spalling in concrete containment walls from chemical attack - Risks dangerous spillage/leaks.
Corroded platform leg braces, loosened pipe anchors - Equipment could violently detach/topple.
Pipe stand, process tower or rig leg collapse due to metal fatigue.
Buckling tanks/silos storing heavy hydrocarbons.

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Our Inspections Identify Defects Before Disasters Ensue

Utilising scanning tools like ultrasonic testing, ground penetrating radar and laser mapping, we thoroughly assess asset health identifying structural defects and deterioration early for preventative repairs.

This avoids deadly disasters through proactive maintenance.
Custom Upgrading to Withstand Extreme Conditions
Concrete repairs resistant to chemical attack
Carbon fibre reinforcements for undersized concrete pillars
Strengthened pipe braces to withstand hurricane loads.
New blast-proof cladding for towers.

We provide rapid response to repair compromised structures and pragmatic upgrading solutions to endure ongoing exposure.

Contact us to discuss a customised structural health assessment and maintenance plan for your oil/gas assets.

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