Keeping Prisons & Correctional Facilities Secure Through Structural Solutions

The immense demands on prison infrastructure require continual structural evaluation and maintenance to ensure facilities remain securely operational long-term.
Our engineering expertise delivers essential repairs and strengthening focused on preventing inmate disruption.

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Why Prisons Face Immense Structural Stresses

Continual vibration, abrasion damage and attempted tunneling or forceful exits place exceptional demands on concrete, masonry and steel structures.

Coupled with moisture ingress and limited visibility for inspections, defects can go unnoticed allowing inmates to exploit vulnerabilities.

Collapses also endanger officers and inmates.

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Our Methodical Scans Identify Defects Early

Using GPR, ultrasonic and impact echo techniques, we thoroughly examine slabs, walls, columns and buried structures for:

Interior/exterior concrete deterioration
Masonry cracking/bursting enabling unauthorized exit attempts.
Severe moisture erosion and chemical attack
Detecting damage early allows immediate preventative repairs before small issues become major failures or security threats.

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Discreet Strengthening Deters Exit Attempts

High-strength thin carbon fibre bonded to existing surfaces can noticeably strengthen framing, walls, ventilation shafts and tunnels - deterring forceful exit attempts whilst avoiding alterations to facilities.
This also allows easier strengthening for expanded capacities.

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What Could Happen if Issues Go Unnoticed?

We design permanent repairs mindful of risks like:
Ceiling collapse enabling access between secured zones.
Widening cracks in walls permitting unauthorized communication or contraband passing
Underslab erosion from water permitting covert tunnelingout.

Contact us to learn more about turnkey structural solutions balanced across operational security, inmate safety and officer protection.

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