Road & Bridges

Structural Solutions for Roads & Bridges

Ensuring safe, functional roadways and bridges requires ongoing concrete and structural maintenance.
From hairline cracks to structural weaknesses and major damage, our inspection and engineering services restore integrity and extend asset lifetimes cost-effectively.

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Inspection Using Advanced Scanning

Utilising the latest technology like ground penetrating radar (GPR), impact echo, ultrasonic testing, and laser mapping, we can quickly inspect concrete and structures for deterioration issues.

This allows identification of cracks, voids, corrosion, spalling and weakened areas needing repair before they escalate or endanger road users.

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Localised Concrete Repairs

We complete localised concrete repairs on bridges, retaining walls, abutments and other structures using specialist materials resistant to water, de-icing salts, and continual traffic vibration.
Techniques include crack injections, carbon fibre wrap repairs, steel rebar restoration and spall repairs tailored to your specific structures.

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Structural Strengthening through CFRP

Carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) strengthening is an advanced solution for aging bridges, underpasses and infrastructure.

Thin, durable CFRP sheets/plates are bonded to concrete and steel surfaces to increase structural capacity and seismic resilience with minimal visual change to structures.

This allows roads and bridges to safely handle modern demands and extended lifecycles through unobtrusive structural upgrading.
Our engineers assess, design, and execute appropriate solutions to repair, strengthen and extend the safe working life of all roadway structures.

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Structural Solutions for Roads & Bridges

Traffic vibrations, extreme weather and ageing infrastructure inflict immense stresses on our roads, bridges and tunnels.
As structural weaknesses persist, the risks of catastrophic failures grow.
Our engineers diagnose issues early and deliver vital repairs.

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What Could Happen if Defects Go Unnoticed?

Corroding steel truss bridge reinforcements lead to deadly collapses.
Leaking roadway expansion joint erodes foundations causing surface cave-ins.
Concrete tunnel lining failure creates massive roadway sinkhole.
Bridge pier scouring from floods severely compromises integrity.

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Our Scanning Surveys Identify Vulnerabilities Early

Using techniques like ground penetrating radar, impact echo and 3D laser mapping we thoroughly examine the subsurface condition of buried tunnel linings, bridge footings and retaining walls.
This identifies deterioration, erosion, and structural weaknesses early for preventative repairs BEFORE catastrophic failures transpire.

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Custom Structural Upgrading and Repairs

Localised carbon fibre wrapping applied to cracked concrete piers.
Added post-tensioning cables increase load capacities.
Steel truss bridge reinforcements for detections of metal fatigue.
Bridge scour countermeasures like riprap armouring.
Contact us to evaluate the structural health of your transportation infrastructure.
Timely repairs prevent deadly disasters.

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