Cementitious Grout

Cementitious Grout and grouting is a process in which a fluid cementitious grout is pumped under pressure to fill voids and cracks.

What Is Cementitious Grouting?

Cementitious Grout helps raise, re-support and re-level sunken foundations.

Most commonly used for bridge bearings, underneath wind turbines and under machine bearings as well as being useful for sealing joints to further reinforce existing structures.

Requires no excavation, little mess alternative to underpinning which causes very little disruption.
It entails a concrete, water and sand mix being injected in to the ground through tubes, the force of the expansion fills any voids, and works to ensure any cracks or crevices are filled tightly.

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How Do I know If I Need Cementitious Grout?

Cementitious grouting is one of the options that you can choose when you have subsidence and the sinking or downward settling of a build’s foundation, has occurred.

Subsidence can be identified via the sloping of, or cracks in, joints, bricks, doors, window frames, walls, ceilings and floors.

A further sign of subsidence is the general sloping of the property to one side.

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How Can Structural Repairs Help With Cementitious Grouting?

As industry leading experts with over 35 years’ of experience, we are structural repair specialists.

Here at Structural Repairs, we ensure that when working with our clients we provide a comprehensive and all-encompassing service in regards to your needs.

This entails a full survey used to identify the current condition of your property’s foundation, recommendations of the most effective remedial action which needs to be taken on your build, careful and successful execution of such, as well as any further arrangements necessary such as the attainment of planning permission.

For expert advice regarding the structural condition of your property, please feel free to get in contact with one of our specialists today and obtain a free consultation today.

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