Marina Repairs

As industry experts and leaders, we hold both the necessary knowledge and equipment in order to effectively care for your marina and ensure it is kept at full health.

What Are Marina Repairs?

The maintenance of a marina is the close inspection and remedial repair of elements of a marina which have suffered from damage.

Marina maintenance can also be conducted as a preventative measure as often preventing damage is less costly and time consuming than repairing issues which have sustained long-term and comprehensive damage.

Marina elements which often need to be repaired include pantoons, access bridges, walkways, timbers, floats, moorings and more.

Preventative measures include work such as deep cleaning docks, sanding and re-staining decks, fixing rot, rust and warping or bending, attending to the electricals, conducting visual inspections and much more.

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Why Do Marinas Need Repair?

Given their direct contact with salt water and existence within turbulent environments, the maintenance of a marinas is essential towards its healthy upkeep and longevity.

Elements such a marina pontoons, access bridges, walkways, and other harbour equipment experience continual movement and fluctuation and thus should be considered as plant, rather than static equipment and treated like such.

The maintenance and repair of marinas are essential towards their wellbeing and smooth operation in the long-term and work which is essential to be conducted effectively and frequently.

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What Repair Does Your Marina Need?

Seeing as site conditions differ greatly among marinas, so does the amount of maintenance which should be implemented for each marina.

Each marina, will however, require regular inspections, structural reports and extensive services of elements such as decks, timber, floats and moorings.

In addition, further upkeep and repairs or unique marina aspects will likely be needed on a case by case basis.

For a tailored understanding of exactly what maintenance or repair your marina might be in need of, please feel free to get in contact with one of our industry specialists for a free consultation and quote today.

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How Are Marina Repairs Conducted?

Marina maintenance and repairs include a wide range of different methods and jobs which can be undertaken in order to successfully ensure your marina is kept at full health.

Therefore, the first step towards conducting work on your marina is to understand exactly which repair methods are needed.

This should be done by consulting industry experts such as ourselves as we are able to provide you with a free consultation and quote today.

Once this has been done it is likely that your marina will need work such as dredging, piling and bank stabilising, to weed clearance, installing jetties and/or much more.

Depending on the type of repair necessary, you will be able to understand which sort of manpower and machinery is required to be utlised on the maintenance of your marina.

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Marina Repair Services

Our Seawall Repair services encompass and range of different elements starting with a comprehensive and through survey used to understand and identify the current condition of your seawall.

We then proceed to recommend remedial repair which our expert knowledge believes your seawall would benefit from.

Able to put the recommendations we suggest into practice, we make sure we bring your seawall back to health through the use of our industry leading technology and machinery. Our experts are here to assist and help you every step of the way.

We further make sure we provide you with the best maintenance and preventative measures you can put in place in order to conduct a successful upkeep of your seawall.

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Advantages Of Marina Repairs

While conducting maintenance on a marina can be time consuming and costly, there are an abundance of advantages to doing so.

Improper care of a marina can lead to severe damage such as corrosion, wall failure, passageway collapse and much more.

In order to ensure the safety of those using a marina it is essential that regular maintenance be conducted.

In addition, regularly maintaining a marina will also aid in its longevity and decrease the amount of damage it suffers in the long-run.

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How To Prevent Marina Damages?

Preventative marina maintenance and repairs are the most effective way to maintain the functioning of your marina smooth and sustainable in the long run.

It is done via identifying aspects of your marina which could use some attention before they become a problem or cause substantial damage which will most likely be quite costly and time consuming to repair.

In order to do so, a preventative maintenance program should be put in place which includes a schedule of planned repair action aimed at preventing potential future damage.

If preventative measures are not conducted on marinas, it is three times more likely for their components to experience detrimental failure.

For help on exactly how you should be preventing potential damage from occurring on your marina, please feel free to get in contact with one of our industry specialists as they are able to provide you with a free consultation and quotation today.

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How Can We Help With Marina Repairs?

Through the use of industry leading technology and machinery, we offer comprehensive surveys of the condition of your marina.

Our surveys thoroughly identify which aspects of your marina are in need of restoration and repair.

Elements which are commonly identified in our surveys include joints, floats, steel structures, aluminium structures, sea walls, timber decks, pile mooring, mooring points and chain mooring.

Once a survey has been conducted, we offer to place the recommendations we have suggested into practice through the use of out industry expertise and skill as a means to offer our clients the best service possible.

In addition, our expertise is further able to help guide you on how you can take preventative measures in order to preserve the health of your marina going forward.

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