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Concrete Safety and Regulations

13 November 2023
Unsafe Affordable Housing – How Big is Problem?
Unsafe Affordable Housing The Barking Balcony Tragedy The tragic balcony collapse in Barking, East London has revealed the unsafe conditions of unsafe affordable housing in...
24 October 2023
The Hidden Dangers of RAAC Planks and Their Safety Risks.
RAAC planks pose safety risks as their open structure risks compromised bonding and water penetration. Although widely used from the 1950s-1990s, the UK discontinued RAAC...
3 September 2023
RAAC Concrete – Huge Concerns in the UK
RAAC Concrete in Schools: An Examination of Concerns in the UK The RAAC issue of building safety has never been more pertinent, particularly in the...
1 May 2023
Is Spaghetti Junction falling down?
Concrete deterioration at Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham. Spaghetti Junction, also known as Gravelly Hill Interchange, is a major motorway intersection in Birmingham, United Kingdom. It...
23 April 2023
Screwpiles – The Ultimate Solution for Subsidence
Why are Screwpiles the ultimate solution for commercial warehouse subsidence? If you own a commercial warehouse, you know how important it is to maintain its...
23 April 2023
Concrete Scanning London
Concrete Scanning London Structural Repairs are on a mission. They have been concrete scanning London. Concrete is a vital material widely used in construction projects...
19 April 2023
Concrete Car Park Collapse
What has caused a concrete car park collapse in New York City? A multi-storey concrete car park in Manhattan’s Financial District partially collapsed, resulting in...
2 April 2023
How safe is your concrete balcony?
Your concrete balcony is prone to delamination so the Structural Repair team what to ask… How safe is your concrete balcony? What is delamination? Concrete delamination...
2 April 2023
Concrete Underpinning – Subsidence v Structure
Concrete underpinning is a common method used to repair subsidence, a condition in which a building or structure begins to sink or settle due to...
2 April 2023
Introducing the “Birth Certificate” for Concrete
Introducing the “Birth Certificate” for Concrete: Improving Quality Control and Sustainability in the Construction Industry Introducing the “Birth Certificate” for Concrete is a thought that...
7 March 2023
Brightons Concrete Balconies and the BBC
“Worth our salt” – Structural Repairs and BBC News back on the concrete balconies of Brighton. Structural Repairs were recently invited to to take a...
7 March 2023
“Ticking time bomb and chocolate aeros”
It isn’t often that concrete makes headline news but there’s clearly something in the water… Or maybe in this case…there’s water in the something? Namely...
6 February 2023
Are London’s bridges falling down?
Structural Repairs met BBC News reporter Luke Hanrahan this week and he posed the question… Are London’s Bridges falling down? Luke got in touch to ask us to lend...
26 January 2023
Concrete Repairs: How to identify if your Concrete Stairs need fixing.
Concrete Stairs: Why do they need to be monitored? Concrete stairs issues occur as concrete ages. As Concrete ages, it deteriorates. The basic rule of...
10 October 2022
Structural Repair Issues You Should Look Out For This Season
Structural Repair Issues As temperatures drop and the weather becomes colder and damper, it’s important to look out for structural repair issues that may arise...
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