Underpinning is highly specialised work, requiring precise, conscientious planning, attention to detail and scrupulous adherence to safety procedures.


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When wide cracks develop in the walls of a building, particularly if they are running diagonally, this is a sure sign of faulty foundations, probably due to subsidence, and underpinning strengthening of the foundations will be required. You also need to underpin foundations on a building if another story is to be added, or a basement constructed.

Underpinning is subject to building regulations and requires approval from local building control inspectors. Structural Repairs handle the liaison with building inspectors and arrange the required inspections as part of the service. Get in touch today for a free consultation!


Underpinning Cost

How much does Underpinning cost?

Underpinning costs vary on the depth and size of the pins as well as the ground conditions and soil conditions. Underpinning costs would start from £450.00 a linear metre. 

Underpinning Advantages

Advantages of Underpinning

The advantage of underpinning is that it strengthens the existing foundations of the property and stabilizes the building against movement.

Underpinning Process

Underpinning a house

Underpinning a house would be undertaken for a variety of reasons. This could be because of increased loadings to the foundations due to an additional story or loft conversion being added. A house would also be underpinned due to inadequate existing foundations and be suffering from subsidence or movement.

Underpinning FAQs

We’re here to help! Here you’ll find the answers to the questions we get asked the most about underpinning. If you would like to know more, get in touch for a free consultation.

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    What is the underpinning process?

    The process involves digging down to and beyond the existing footing of the building, typically in meter sections and with adequate support so as not to cause any extra damage to the property walls. Once the section has been dug out new foundations are cast with concrete and are left to set; the process continues in sections until the whole affected foundation area has been strengthened.

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    What does underpinning mean?

    Underpinning is where a solid foundation is added below a property’s existing foundation to provide extra support and strength. Often a remedy in the case of a building that has suffered structural damage – perhaps due to subsidence or ground movement, or if the existing foundation shows damage due to overloading.

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    How much does underpinning cost?

    Depending on the level of service you’re looking for, subsidence underpinning comes in many different forms and with varying price tags. Each method can be used with different building types, different materials, and will also depend on the current foundation and its materials. When carrying out underpinning procedures on your property, it is important to note that you may require consent. Underpinning costs would start from £450.00 a linear metre.

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    What are the advantages of underpinning?

    Underpinning will strengthen your properties foundation to avoid problems arising in the future. In other cases, underpinning is used to strengthen your existing foundation which provides extra support if you’re looking to extend your property downwards into a basement or upwards to add additional floors to your property.

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    What underpinning methods are there?

    Traditional (also known as the mass concrete method) and piled. The usual method is traditional the way it’s been done for a century or more. This involves digging holes beneath the existing foundations and filling them with concrete. The Piling underpinning method is used in cases where ground conditions are unstable or access is difficult. This method is more technically complex and requires specialised skills and machinery.


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