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October 10, 2022
Structural Repair Issues You Should Look Out For This Season

Structural Repair Issues

As temperatures drop and the weather becomes colder and damper, it’s important to look out for structural repair issues that may arise in your home.

The damp weather of autumn can cause subsidence and heave.

Thus, leading to the sinking or lifting of a building’s foundations, resulting in cracks in walls, particularly at the top.

Look out for diagonal cracks around windows and doors, as these can also indicate a problem.

Additionally, wet weather can cause damp and penetrating damp.

This leads to patches on interior and exterior walls and causing plasterwork to crumble, and surfaces to grow black mould or spores.

Winter storms can also cause severe damage to homes, such as external wall and chimney damage, making homes structurally unsafe.

To tackle seasonal structural issues, it’s important to winter-proof your home.

Check your roof for any missing tiles, inspect brickwork, and ensure that there are no existing damp patches or larger-than-normal cracks.

If you do find any problems, it’s best to seek professional help to prevent them from worsening.

At Structural Repairs, we’re always ready to advise you and tackle any problems that you may face.

Contact us and see what the team advises should you be concerned

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