Structural Repair Issues You Should Look Out for This Season

Structural Repair Issues You Should Look Out for This Season

As the temperatures drop and the weather becomes colder and damper, it’s not only people that start to feel the effects of Autumn and Winter creeping in – our homes can too.

So, what are some of the structural issues that you should be looking out for this season? And what can you do about them if you have found anything to be concerned about?

Structural issues faced by properties in colder weather

As the weather becomes damper, issues that may have lain low in the warmer summer months can start to rear their ugly heads.

Subsidence and heave

Subsidence can occur after a long spell of dry weather – a lot like the summer we’ve recently enjoyed. Soil becomes unstable, resulting in the foundations of the building sinking into the ground.

Meanwhile heave is the name given to an increase in moisture – such as Autumn’s damp weather – which causes the ground to swell and the building’s foundations to lift.

The telltale signs of subsidence and heave are cracks in the walls that are approximately 1mm or wider, particularly at the top. Diagonal shaped cracks that suddenly appear around windows and doors at this time of year can also indicate a problem.

Damp and penetrating damp

Wet weather can bring with it a number of problems for homeowners, especially if your property is old or already has existing issues such as damaged brickwork.

Penetrating damp is when water infiltrates the home through an external wall and seeps into the building’s interior walls.

Damp is usually easy to spot thanks to it manifesting itself as patches, both on interior and exterior walls. It can also cause plasterwork to crumble and surfaces to grow black mould or spores.

Storm damage

Winter weather can be crisp and bright at best and wet and stormy at worst. And the worst winter storms can result in some serious damage to our homes.

Storms can damage external walls, brickwork and chimneys, and even make your home structurally unsafe to inhabit.

What can you do to tackle seasonal structural issues?

Winter-proofing your home is key. Making sure your roof isn’t missing any tiles, checking sealant around doors and windows, inspecting brickwork and making sure you don’t have any existing damp patches or larger-than-normal cracks is all part of getting your home ready for the season.

And if you do spot any problems, you would be highly advised to prevent them from worsening by speaking to a professional.

At Structural Repairs we are always happy to advise you if you’re worried about an issue with your home, and we are always on call when you need a professional to tackle any problems.

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