Retaining Wall Failure in Camden

This retaining wall in Camden has failed due to inadequate foundations and excessive soil weight. As a common problem we are called to resolve, we were more than happy to help our client with this pressing issue.

Project Details:

Completion Date: Ongoing

Project Type: Retaining Wall failure

Solutions: Retaining Wall, Re-installation

Location: Camden, London

The Problem

Failing walls are a common problem and one which this Camden property was likewise experiencing. The reason the wall was failing was due to improper structural engineering design and excessive weight being placed on the wall and its inadequate foundations.

The Solution

This was actually quite a large project to rectify because the height of the wall and the amount of soil behind it was challenging to deal with. The wall needed to be completely taken down and rebuilt from scratch because the weight of the soil and the height behind it was posing extensive danger in the sense that it could fall down the hill.


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