Timber Resin Repair

With a beetle attack on the structure of this London property, our client was extremely concerned over the flooring and timber of this build. As industry specialists, we were called in to conduct necessary repair work in order to bring this property back to full health.
Project Details:

Completion Date: October 2019

Project Type: Timber Resin Repairs

Location: South West London

The Problem:
Located in West London, this client had major concerns for their property regarding the beetle attack it was experiencing. We were called in to identify the extent of the damage the structure was suffering from. It was found that much of the wood floors and beams were severely damaged with some containing splits in the wood, having completely lost their strength and found to be very crumbly as a result.
The Solution:
Once an analysis of the problem had been conducted, we proceeded to put the solutions we recommended into practice. The repair process involved cutting into the centre area of the wood, placing reinforcing bars in the centre and then pouring Epoxy resin in to fill the wood beam. In all, this process was able to successfully consolidate and repair the structural damage which had previously been identified.
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