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Royal Geographical Society
The Royal Geographical Society, located in London opposite the entrance to Hyde Park, is a renowned learned society which has been established for 190 years. Due to natural wear and tear, its building was in need of repair which we were proud to be of assistance with.
Project Details:

Completion Date: 2018

Project Type: Stone Restoration

Location: Hyde Park, London

Royal Geographical Society History:

Established in 1830, the Royal Geographical Society is a learned society in the United Kingdom and the professional body for geography worldwide. It was founded as a means to advance geographical science.

Today, advancing geographical science is attained via supporting geographical research, education and fieldwork, all of which is conducted by The Royal Geographical Society. They exist to enhance our understanding of our world, a subject area which, here at Structural Repairs, we too prominently value and are eagerly passionate over.

The Problem:
Due to vehicle damage, some of the building’s pillars were in need of dire rectification. The pillars’ brick had broken off and were in need of a touch-up, rather than a full replacement. There was likewise a need for repointing on some of the buildings large walls which had become worn down due to wear and tear.
The Solution:
In order to address the stone repairs required on the building’s pillars, a recast processes was used. This is done by taking a cast of the pillars, colour matching the stone by sending a sample to one of our third party collaborators, having analysis conducted on the sample and stone crushed to create an identical colour. The pillar areas which were damaged were thoroughly cleaned, plywood shuttering was made, a primer was applied to the existing stone and reinforcement bars were implemented. Once new stone was powdered, compounded and cemented, the recasts were fit to seamlessly attach to the once broken pillars.
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