Severe Subsidence

Found with huge cracks on the walls, this property in Clapham was in dire need of structural repairs and the rebuilding of certain elements. As one of our specialities, we were happy to help our client bring their property back to structural health.
Project Details:

Completion Date: 2019

Project Type: Subsidence

Location: Clapham, London

The Problem:
The problem with this property was that the bay window had moved to quite a severe extent due to structural movement. Structural movement is often a result of subsidence which occurs when elements of the ground a property is built on change such as moisture levels, temperature or tree roots interference.
The Solution:
The cracks were monitored with Tell Tales which allowed us to understand if the cracks were increasing or decreasing. We then underpinned the walls, as necessary, to give them stability We rebuilt the bay window given its extensive movement and undertook substantial crack stitch repairs.
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