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Harrow, London
With concerns in regards to a property’s brickwork, our client called us in to conduct crack stitching. As one of our specialties, we were more than happy to repair this brickwork back to health.
Project Details:

Completion Date: April 2020

Project Type: Crack Stitching

Location: Harrow, London

The Problem:

This house, located in Harrow, London, had suffered from some severe cracking on its brickwork.

Cracks to a wall can be caused by a variety of different situation such as temperature changes between hot and cold, which may further lead to subsidence problems.

The Solution:

After identifying all of the cracks on the wall in need of repair, we inserted stainless-steel crack stitching bars where necessary and cut out the mortar beds into the brickwork.

Our repairs resulted in fixed cracks which are now barely as a result of our repointing.

Crack Stitching overview:

Crack stitching is a crucial technique used in the repair of cracked masonry structures. The process involves reinforcing the cracks with metal rods or bars, providing additional strength and stability to the affected areas.

This technique is important because it stops more damage, fixes the structure, and makes the building last longer.

Ignoring crack stitching can lead to severe consequences, such as the collapse of the building.

It is essential to address the issue as soon as possible to prevent the cracks from harming the building more.

Moreover, crack stitching is a cost-effective alternative to rebuilding, making it an attractive option for building owners and managers.

In conclusion, crack stitching is a critical aspect of masonry repair that should not be overlooked.

It offers a long-term solution to structural problems and ensures the safety and stability of buildings.

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