Concrete Repair

The weight of refuse vehicles had broken the concrete at a Biffa Vehicle Parking Yard in Oxfordshire. This had got progressively worse over a period of years, potentially due to insufficient concrete depth.
Project Details:

Completion Date: December 2020

Project Type: Concrete Repairs

Location: Oxfordshire

The Problem:
The concrete at the parking yard in Oxford had deteriorated over a number of years. The cause of the issue was twofold. The original concrete was an unsuitable thickness and level of strength to hold the weight of the Biffa Refuse vehicles that parked in the yard. Over many years, the concrete began to significantly falling apart. There was also a logistical issue to consider – whilst the concrete was being repaired, the parking yard wwould still need to remain open.
The Solution:
The remedial action for this project was to break out all of the concrete and remove it in sections. This was done in sections to ensure that the refuse vehicles could still park where necessary at night. After the existing concrete was broken out, the ground conditions underneath were checked, new foundations were put in. We then compacted the sub base and lay concrete reinforcing mesh which strengthened the concrete. Finally, we repoured the concrete in strips, using a stronger strength and greater thickness which was lacking from the previously laid concrete. This ensured that the concrete is suitable for the weight of the vehicles that will be driving over it.
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