Concrete Delamination Repairs To Jetty

The Problem:

The salt water jetty had developed spalling concrete. The jetty is in constant use as an unloading facility for ships bringing in sand and aggregates and many thousands of tons are unloaded every year.

The tidal range for this salt water jetty is extensive and the tide regularly reaches over the concrete structure.

Concrete delamination is a common factor is situations like this where the concrete is constantly saturated. The moisture penetrates the structure, and the steel reinforcement corrodes. As to be expected the steel corrodes over time and as it does, it expands. The expansion of the steel reinforcement means that the concrete is delaminates often forming cracks falling off in these areas.

Concrete becomes more porous over time, so this is a common problem on older structures.

The Solution:

The correct remedial solution for concrete delamination is to scabble off the loose concrete exposing the corroded steel reinforcement. The reinforcement should then be assessed as to its suitability. If it is only lightly corroded and it still has structural integrity, it can be cleaned and a rust inhibitor applied. If it has lost its structural integrity, it should be cut out and new bars drilled and resin fitted.

The area where the concrete delamination has occurred can then be repaired with a suitable repair mortar. In this case a salt water resistant mortar was required due to the tidal nature of the location. Another factor that had to be taken into consideration in this instance was the speed of which the concrete repair set. A fast curing one was required due to the twice daily tides.

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How Structural Repairs Can Help

Structural Repairs undertake many marine and riverside concrete repairs. Sea walls and jetty repairs are in constant need of maintenance and repairs due to the nature of their location.

Structural Repairs also undertake brickwork repairs to river and sea walls as well as locks and marinas. With brickwork often the mortar becomes eroded and need to be raked out and repointed using a marine grade mortar.

We at Structural Repairs often see areas of sea and river walls that have been undermined by the currents and tide. If left these areas simply fail and collapse. Concrete bridges in the vicinity of salt water tend to suffer from concrete delamination as well. Steel bridges likewise suffer from corrosion issues.

Here at Structural Repairs we identify concrete corrosion and delamination by undertaking concrete scanning. Our concrete scanning equipment identifies the depth and size of the reinforcement within the concrete along with whether it is corroded and the extent of the corrosion.

By undertaking concrete scanning surveys, the structural integrity of structures can be assessed which is critical to many structures including bridges and jetty’s.

Contact Structural Repairs to discuss your concrete delamination requirements and also your concrete scanning surveys.

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