Basement Waterproofing

Our client could hear water running behind their basement walls and the pump chamber activating every 10 minutes. This was a stressful scenario for them as they had concerns the water could potentially flood the property. We were called in to identify the problem and provide the required waterproofing solutions.
Project Details:

Completion Date: October 2020

Project Type: Basement Waterproofing

Location: Fulham, London

The Problem:
Our client has a retrofit basement that is approximately 5 years old. This was constructed under a ground floor flat in Fulham, London. We were initially called out in October 2020, after the client heard water running down behind the walls of their basement. This issue would keep the client up at night as they heard the pump chamber filling up and activating every ten minutes. This was a stressful situation for the client, who was concerned that the water coming in could potentially flood her property. After inspecting the wall further, we found water was pouring through rebar holes (holes that occur when a new concrete wall is cast) that a previous contractor had not filled. As this issue had existed since the creation of the basement, the issues was only getting progressively worse. There was also leaks occurring between some of the wall joints.
The Solution:
After stripping the wall, we resolved the water pouring through the rebar holes with a specialist plug called Rivestop. These were inserted into the holes of the wall and fitted with a special tool. We also filled gaps in the concrete and installed a water stop product between the joints in the concrete, as it was leaking there too. After these steps were completed, we refitted a brand new membrane system which was neatly taped. To ensure the basement was completely waterproofed, a polyurethane leak sealing solution was also put in place. We injected resin into the ground which rapidly spreads to form a watertight seal. After monitoring the basement over time, we were certain that the basement was completely waterproofed. The client was over the moon with the results and we were happy to be able to help her with an issue that had been so pressing and stressful.
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