Basement Wall Failure

A beautiful house located in Gilling, Kent, which was in dire need of repair as a means to eliminate the threat which it was causing to those around it. This property was facing serious structural instability on its basement walls and needed to be repaired as soon as possible.
Project Details:

Completion Date: May 2019

Project Type: Wall Tie Replacement

Location: Gillingham, Kent

The Problem:
This Gillingham property is probably one of the most dangerous wall failure situations we have yet encountered given that without any remedial action taken, the front wall was most likely to have fallen meaning the front of the building would have collapsed entirely at some point. In fact, the front wall of the cellar had already fallen-in completely as it was located close to a busy road and the weight of the traffic-heavy refuge vehicles loadings had made the wall unstable and experience movement.
The Solution:
As a result of this dire situation we were called in to identifying the problems of this build and asked to rectify them as soon as possible. In order to repair the house, we had to undergo emergency propping and rebuild the front wall as a means to alleviate the load which was being imposed on it. In the end, this building was successfully rectified and no longer posed any danger to those around it.
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