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Cavity Wall Ties are essential to the repairing of structures that have aged and become less stable over time. With our industry experience and curated skills, we are able to being your walls back to full health via careful and meticulous wall tie replacement.

What Are Wall Ties?

Wall ties are small components used to tie together internal and external leaves of a cavity wall. They are integrated into the cavity of a wall throughout the construction process. Wall ties function by having the ends of each tie bedded into the mortar bed at regular intervals. They are designed to cover the majority of the cavity as a means to successfully adjoin the stable inner lead to the outer leaf and increase structural stability. Wall ties are further used to prevent water from transferring from the outer leaf to the inner and accommodate any small movement the walls might have to sustain.
Cavity Wall Ties

What Causes Wall Tie Failure?

Wall ties are most likely to experience failure due to two main occurrences; construction issues or wall tie corrosion. If the quality of a construction project isn’t up to the standard it should be for example, wall ties can quickly fail over time. Cavity wall ties can be found to fail due to them having been incorrectly spaced, fixed or cut too short. In addition, wall ties fail when poor quality mortar was used during the construction of a build which means it fails to provide enough bond for the ties. On the other hand, however, natural causes such as corrosion are also a common cause of wall tie failure and an occurrence which is only bound to occur and should be promptly addressed.

How Long Do Wall Ties Last?

The life span of wall ties depends on a variety of factors such as the location of the build, the type of masonry they have been installed in, the type of wall ties utilized and much more. Some wall ties are claimed to I theory last the lifetime of a build, however, in practice wall ties are known for lasting an approximately 15 – 20 years before they start corroding. Wall tie replacement is thus a widely used and common repair method which many properties need to undergo.

How Serious Is Wall Tie Replacement?

Although wall ties may be perceived to be a small aspect of a property’s structure, they in fact contribute significantly towards the overall stability of the structure. The maintenance and replacement of wall times when necessary is thus of critical importance when intending to keep the structural stability of a property up to healthy standards. The more promptly structural repairs are conducted on a build in need of such, the less costly these repairs will be as they will be able to prevent any subsequent damage from appearing as a result of a delayed repair. Maintaining a frequent upkeep of structural elements such as well ties thus effectively contributes towards the overall health and wealth of a property.
Wall Ties Metal

How To Identify Wall Tie Failure?

Wall tie failure can at times be challenging to identify and understand what the extent of the failure is. However, there are certain signs which can indicate that your wall ties are failing and in need of replacement. One of the most common signs is the appearance of regular horizontal and at times vertical masonry cracks. Further telltale signs include when brickwork has begun to bulge or bow, when window reveals have begun to separate and when lintels experience sagging or lifting. Lastly, if an outer leaf is understood to be coming away from the inner leaf then this is a strong indication that wall ties are undergoing failure. When wanting to identify wall tie failure, however, it is important to seek a professional diagnosis before proceeding with any remedial work given that many of these telltale signs can likewise be signs caused by other forms of damage are require specific tools or machinery in order to differentiate between them. In addition, once wall tie failure has been firmly identified, it is critical to have industry experts conduct the remedial procedure as it will most likely entail comprehensive wall tie replacement.

What Is Wall Tie Replacement?

Wall tie replacement is the process underwent when it has been identified that a property’s current wall ties have experienced failure and no longer work as required. These wall ties are thus removed and replaced with new ones instead. Wall tie replacement is a relatively easy job even though it is one which is needed to be conducted by industry professionals such as ourselves. Different wall ties serve different purposes, for example those used when constructing a new wall should not be utilized for wall tie replacement. The different wall ties which are most commonly used are mechanical wall ties, helical wall ties, resin wall ties and brickwork wall ties. To understand which type and length of wall tie you need, please feel free to get in contact with one of our specialists who will provide you with a free consultation. The wall tie replacement method itself involves first identifying the positions of existing wall ties which is usually done with a metal detector. Once this has been done, the new wall ties can now be placed by having them placed in positions staggered from the original wall ties.

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