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September 30, 2022
A Simple Guide to Getting Structural Damage Repaired?

If your home is suffering from structural damage, it can be tempting to write any problems off as ‘not too bad’ or something that you’ll deal with next month after pay day.

But putting structural repairs somewhere near the bottom of the to-do list or on the backburner is not the way forward.

Deal with structural damage quickly

Whatever the issue, whether it’s subsidencedamaged brickworkrotting timber, problems caused by flooding, or winter storm damage, the longer you leave a problem to deal with, the bigger it becomes.

Not dealing with structural damage quickly could mean:

It’s potentially more difficult to deal with

It will be more expensive to resolve due to the worsening of the issue

It can create a domino effect and result in more problems developing

Your home could become, at best unpleasant or inconvenient to live in, and at worse, unsafe

Put simply, if you are in any position to get structural damage repaired, you should do so as soon as you can.

The impact of not getting structural damage repaired

As mentioned above, if you leave structural damage to its own devices, it can have an unwanted knock-on effect on other parts of your home.

For example harsh winter frosts can damage brickwork and, if left unchecked, this can cause serious structural problems as well as leaks.

In fact, brickwork is one of the things you need to keep a close eye on when you’re running your pre-winter checks on your home.

Why you should repair damaged brickwork quickly

Bricks naturally deteriorate over time. And in a climate such as the UK’s where we see changes in seasonal weather, this can speed up that deterioration. This is because moisture in the brickwork freezes and then thaws.

Because bricks are made of highly porous clay, they easily absorb water when they get wet. The lowering of temperatures in winter results in the water freezing and expanding and then pushing small pieces of brick out of its way. This can cause the brick to crumble, break off or even crack.

Structural Repairs can help

We know how overwhelming it can be when you’re facing a structural issue, but this is really not a time to be burying your head in the sand.

If you have any concerns at all about damage to your home, get in touch with the friendly and knowledgeable team at Structural Repairs.

We offer FREE consultations for all projects, no matter how big or small, so let us put your mind at rest – sooner rather than later.

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