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April 8, 2023
Concrete Scanning Sewage Holding Tanks

These concrete sewage holding tanks, which are approximately 50 to 60 years old, deteriorate and become porous over time due to a combination of factors.

Fortunately, technological advances in concrete scanning have made it possible to identify hidden defects within concrete structures such as these holding tanks.

In this instance, we performed concrete scanning of all the water tanks on site, which allowed us to produce a report based on the scanning results.

The concrete scanning included corrosion scanning as well as scanning for hidden concrete delamination.

The report enabled the client to determine the order of priority for the necessary works on these tanks based on the findings of the concrete scanning.

Thanks to the report, a scope of works required to restore these tanks to full health was produced, which allowed for a fixed cost to be calculated.

This is a significant benefit to the client as it was not possible historically. It is now possible due to the technological advances in concrete scanning that can identify hidden defects.

This information enabled the client to plan a scheduled repairs and maintenance program on these tanks with the benefit of a fixed budget. It also allowed the structure with the most urgent defects to be scheduled first into the program.

Another advantage of undertaking scanning to identify hidden corrosion and defects within the concrete is that it is possible to address certain hidden defects and extend the life of the structure in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

For example, after undertaking concrete corrosion scanning and identifying areas where corrosion has occurred, a further concrete scan can be performed to see the extent of the corrosion and to determine if it has reached a stage where the concrete has started to delaminate.

If the concrete scanning shows that the corrosion has not reached the delamination stage, it is possible to halt the damage.

This is achieved by injecting resin into the concrete structure in the areas where the rebar has been identified as having corrosion. By encapsulating the corroded rebar and eliminating air and voids from the structure, further deterioration can be arrested.

This process can reduce repairs costs and the environmental impact of these repairs. After the works have been completed, a further scan is typically carried out to confirm their success.

Annual scanning after the repairs have been undertaken also ensures that any defects are detected early, allowing for cost-effective and environmentally friendly repairs.

Contact us for all your concrete scanning and concrete corrosion scanning needs, and let us work together to reduce the cost of repairs and the environmental impact they create.

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