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January 26, 2023
Concrete Repairs: How to identify if your Concrete Stairs need fixing.

Concrete Stairs: Why do they need to be monitored?

Concrete stairs issues occur as concrete ages.

As Concrete ages, it deteriorates.

The basic rule of thumb is that Concrete degenerates approximately one millimetre per year.

To calculate the optimal time for repairing your concrete structure, consider the reinforcement within it.

If it has a concrete coloured depth of 35 millimetres in approximately 35 years time, moisture and water and air will be in contact with the reinforcement within the structure.

This is when your concrete structure will need repaired.

What are the obvious signs?

These concrete stairs in the image below are approximately 30 years old, and there are telltale traces of concrete delamination.

See how the red rust running down the side which showcases the delamination that has occurred.

Concrete delamination is often hidden, leading to unnoticed issues that make the structure unsafe and dangerous.

It is important to be aware of the potential issues so you can stay on top of the maintenance.

The way to eliminate this is by undertaking a structural survey and scanning the stairs.

This will identify whether the reinforcement bar within the concrete stairs are suffering from corrosion.

By preparing a scope of works for repairing the affected areas of a corroded structure, you can identify those areas.

How do I check this?

By annually conducting surveys, you can achieve several benefits, the first being a significant reduction in the risk of collapse and the cost of rectifying any issues with the stairs.

Additionally, identifying problems at an early stage can minimize the environmental impact of any necessary repairs.

Furthermore, regular inspections can facilitate proactive maintenance, which can help prevent more serious and expensive problems from developing in the future.

This approach can save significant amounts of money and time, as well as reduce the inconvenience and safety hazards associated with more significant repairs.

Overall, it is clear that regular surveys and inspections are crucial for maintaining safe and environmentally friendly stairs. By identifying and addressing issues as early as possible, it is possible to minimize costs, reduce environmental impact, and ensure the longevity of the stairs.

What’s the solution?

For your concrete stair issues please contact the team at Structural Repairs and we will be happy to help.

Thank you.

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