Stairs that have had structural issues due to concrete deterioration

Concrete Repairs: How to identify if your Concrete Stairs need fixing.

Concrete Stairs: Why do they need to be monitored?

Concrete stair issues occur as concrete ages. As Concrete ages, it deteriorates. 

The basic rule of thumb is that Concrete degenerates approximately one millimetre per year. To calculate when your concrete structure may need to be repaired, think about the reinforcement within the concrete structure, if it has a concrete coloured depth of 35 millimetres in approximately 35 years time, moisture and water and air will be in contact with the reinforcement within the structure. This is when your concrete structure will need repaired. 

These concrete stairs are approximately 30 years old, and there are telltale traces of concrete delamination, which can be identified by the rust staining running down the stairs. 

Image of Concrete stairs with red rust running down the side which showcases the delamination that has occurred. 

A picture of some stairs damaged by Concrete delamination in Windsor

Often concrete delamination is hidden and the structure becomes unsafe and dangerous without anybody ever being aware of these issues. It is important to be aware of the potential issues so you can stay on top of the maintenance. 

The way to eliminate this is by undertaking a structural survey and scanning the stairs. This will identify whether the reinforcement bar within the concrete stairs are suffering from corrosion. 

If it is suffering from corrosion the areas that are affected can be identified on a scope of works prepared to undertake the repairs to these areas. Identifying issues as early as possible, which can be obtained by can carrying out annual surveys, the risk of collapse and the cost of rectifying the stairs is reduced, as well as less of an environmental impact.

For your Concrete stair issues, or if you’d like to have your concrete stairs surveyed and scanned, contact us here at Structural Repairs and we will be happy to help. 

A picture of Concrete Stairs that have been damaged

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