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We are brick and stone cleaning specialists, with over 35 years of extensive and carefully accrued industry experience.

As approved contractors for Stonehealth Doff & Torc Stone/Building Cleaning, we are able to provide our clients with utmost quality brick & stone cleaning services.

We do so via the use of non-intrusive systems and take pride in ensuring that brickwork is carefully, yet effectively, restored to its former stability and aesthetic.

We have done numerous brick and stone cleaning jobs in Bath and around surrounding areas.

In fact, we love the city of Bath due its abundance of beautifully built limestone buildings and structures and are more than happy to assist with the process of maintaining this city’s classic and unique aesthetic appeal.

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Operate in Somerset
Our Structural Repairs team are vastly familiar with the Somerset county. In fact, we have done several jobs in Bath and other areas within the county such as Wells, Taunton Frome and much more.

We are passionate about everything structural and are greatly proud over the expertise we hold within the industry!

Our expert opinion has likewise been featured on various trusted and national papers such as The Times and Express & Stars.

Over 35 years of experience
With over 35 years of experience, we pride ourselves in the trustworthy and authentic manner in which we conduct business.

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Increasing the longevity of buildings and structures
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