As a result of subsidence, this property in Staines-upon-Thames had experienced structural movement which caused severe cracks in the walls.
Project Details:

Project Type: Underpinning

Location: Windsor, Berkshire

The Problem:
This residential property underwent severe structural movement as a result of subsidence which created damage in the walls in the form of deep cracks. The subsidence and movement occurred as a result of this semi-detached house being built on clay and with a number of tree in the vicinity. As can be seen from the images, the structural cracking was extensive and the property had further dropped the side gable wall which was moving away from the main body of the building.
The Solution:
The correct remedial action was to underpin the external walls of the property to provide more stability and take the foundations to a greater depth. The existing foundations were not of a great enough depth and were inadequate. This was followed by crack stitching, and over the large repairs, we rebuild some areas of the brickwork which was extremely badly cracked and moved. In all, this job was conducted by crack stitch and underpinning all of the damage back together. Lastly, the internal walls were re-plastered.
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