A residential property, located in Sevenoaks, which was in dire need of improved foundations. Its extension was built on inadequate foundations which resulted in it falling away from the property over the long term. We were called in to underpin the property and bring its foundations up to a standard which should have been there all along.
Project Details:

Completion Date: November 2018

Project Type: Brick Repairs

Location: Sevenoaks, Kent

The Problem:
This residential property had suffered from lack of an adequate foundation. It was understood that where the extension had been built, it had been done so on ground baring slab with absolutely no foundations. As can be seen from the photographs, there was a clear gap between the underneath of the floor of this extension and the ground it has been built on. This resulted in the foundations falling away. Over a period of time, this damage would have worsened to the point where the rest of the property would likewise have fallen.
The Solution:
Given the state of the build, we were called in to do emergency repair work consisting of extensive underpinning which gave the property the foundation it should have had from the very start.
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