Co-Op Thornton Heath
After purchasing three separate retail spaces – all situated next to one another – this Co-op store in Thornton Heath was in need of conducting an extensive expansion project. With the focus of this job being underpinning – one of our specialities – we were more than happy to assist this Co-op at getting up and running.
Project Details:

Completion Date: October 2020

Project Type: Underpinning

Location: Thornton Heath

The Problem:
This Co-op store in Thornton Heath had just purchased three of its neighbouring retail spaces as a means to conduct a store expansion. As a result, this meant that extensive work needed to be conducted in order to level the floor throughout.
The Solution:
After a close inspection to identified which work needed to be carried out in order to attain the desired results, it was clear that the ground’s soil needed to be levelled as a means to ensure the ground was appropriate and stable. This was predominantly done through concrete levelling and underpinning, which can be seen in the displayed photographs. An interesting facet of this project was that the underpinning had reinforcing in it. After we had underpinned it, we excavated the floor and levelled it.
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