This residential Woking property had suffered from subsidence and had quite a substantial drop under one of the front corners of the house. As quite a pressing issue to address, we were called to remedy the situation as were happy to help via the addition of screw piles.
Project Details:

Completion Date: December 2020

Project Type: Subsidence

Location: Woking, Surrey

The Problem:

Having suffered from subsidence, this property in Woking experienced a drop at the front of the house which was quite concerning for our client.

As quite a prominent issue, it was definitely something we wanted to repair as soon as possible.

The Solution:

Our structural engineer’s recommendation was to have screw piles installed as a remedy.

We thus proceeded to excavate and install the necessary screw piles as suggested.

We then backfilled the hole we excavated.

The property is now supported by the screw piles we installed meaning the load of the property has now been successfully transferred to the screw piles which were screwed approximately to 4 meters in depth.

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