Sports Hall Repairs

Windsor Boys
Windsor Boys School, Berkshire, needed repairs to it's sports hall after years of sustained damage.
Project Details:

Completion Date: September 2021

Project Type: Concrete replacement and Crack Stitching

Location: Windsor, Berkshire

The Problem:
The Sports hall had sustained a lot of damage over the years, especially from the impact of football and various other sports equipment hitting the wall with force. This meant a big proportion of the concrete blocks in the wall needed repairing or even replaced. As well as this the wall also needed reinforcing.
The Solution:
There were many concrete blocks that were damaged beyond repair, overall 100 concrete blocks were replaced from the wall as well as others being repaired. Crack stitching was also completed to reinforce the wall and ensure it was strengthened for further use. The hall was then left ready to decorate.
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