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Screw Piles London - Located in Bassett Road, London, the owner of this property had concerns regarding the effects of the ground’s instability around the house.
Project Details:

Completion Date: September 2020

Project Type: Screw Piles

Location: Bassett Road, London

The Problem:

The Screw Piles London project was this residential property had its front area and lower ground floor sink due to subsidence which occurred as a result of the trees located on the public footpath in front of it.

In these instances, subsidence occurs due to the trees which absorb moisture from the soil.

The Solution:

In order to repair the problem, we had to remove the steps going down to each side of the property and excavate along the front as a means to reach down low enough to where was needed.

We then proceeded to install screw piles into the ground which were placed down to approximately 8 metres in depth – the depth at which we encountered firm sub strength.

The screw piles were then connected to the existing property foundations with special bracketry.

In between the screw piles, we cast a ground beam.

In the same vein, we cast reinforced concrete in between the screw piles which spread the load and strengthened the work even further.

Screw Piles London

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