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Hemel Hempstead
Challenging due to its extremely tight access, this project held us as the main contractor while we carried out a successful basement fit and conducted any further renovations and repairs necessary. Having worked on this project from start to finish, this Hemel Hempstead care home can now enjoy a beautiful new basement.
Project Details:

Completion Date: December 2019

Project Type: Basement Waterproofing

Location: Hemel Hempstead

The Problem:
This supported care home, located in Hemel Hempstead, accommodates individuals who live independently but desire the support of help to be available when necessary. Consisting of a total of 8 apartments and constructed as an enclosed build, this was a challenging site to complete given that access was limited and extremely tight. The access we had made it logistically difficult to crane steel and carry out other repairs similar this nature.
The Solution:
Despite the challenges of this site, our team superseded project expectations and successfully completed the construction of a now beautifully fitted basement. This project required a full basement construction, from start to finish, which entailed work such as basement waterproofing, shuttering, casting of the flooring and more. As can be seen, this supported care home and its residents are now able to fully enjoy the new addition of the light and spacious environment we have designed and implemented.
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