Lateral Restraints

This project was at a property in Slough where the flexing front wall was in need of lateral restraints. The whole property at the front of the house was built in timber and the front wall was in an extremely unstable condition.
Project Details:

Completion Date: 2017

Project Type: Lateral Restraints

Location: Slough, Berkshire

The Problem:
This residential property, located in Slough, was found to be in an extremely unstable structural condition. The front wall wasn’t attached to the floor joist inside the property meaning that when the front door was open and shut, the whole front wall actually moved. The bottom of the front wall was plaid and had material which had an external render applied to it while the top half of the wall had cladding applied to it.
The Solution:
As a means to resolve the problem we faced, we removed halfway up the house’s front wall to expose what was behind the wall and used lateral restraints to connect the wall to the floor joist within the property. This added greater stability to the house and stopped the flexing of the front wall. We also replaced the cladding.
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