Inadequate Foundations

This project, located in Dartford, Kent, entailed the repair of severe foundational inadequacies our client held great concern over. These foundational inadequacies were a result of poor ground conditions which caused the property’s extension to drop away from the rest of the build.
Project Details:

Completion Date: 2018

Project Type: Underpinning

Location: Dartford, Kent

The Problem:
Due to the poor ground conditions this property’s extension stood on, its foundation was inadequate and causing the extension to fall away from the rest of the house. These conditions were so severe in fact, that there was a very visible vertical crack standing between the extension and the rest of the build where the two were separating from one another.
The Solution:
The damage of this property was rectified by the application of underpinning and crack stitching. The large vertical crack was monitored via the use of Telltales which showed that its condition was getting progressively worse. With a situation like this, it was imperative for the damage to be repaired before it reached a condition where the damage would be noticeable forever, which significantly devalues a property as it immediately gets noted on surveys.
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