Crack Stiching

Located by the river, this property is a structural building which was giving our client concerns regarding the effects of structural movement. As a result of structural movement and having been built on clay soil, the strength of the building and damaged aspects of the property were overdue some structural repairs. Which we were happy to help with.
Project Details:

Completion Date: 2019

Project Type: Crack Stitching

Location: Fulham, London

The Problem:
As was concluded from the abundance of cracks found on the building, this property had suffered from severe structural movement. This was due to the fact that it was constructed on clay soil and was situated next to a river – two aspects which greatly contribute to the likeliness a build will experience movement. Clay is known for either shrinking or expanding according to the time of year – in hot summers it can shrink significantly. Additionally, the trees in the vicinity are a further factor which could have contributed towards the overall structural movements which occurred on the property.
The Solution:
To restore the strength and condition of this property to what it was before it underwent movement, underpinning, crack stitching and brick and stone repairs were conducted. These repairs further allowed us to reconstruct any parts of the property which were drastically damaged and needed to be brought back to health.
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