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March 26, 2021
Lest We Forget the Sacrifices Made on Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 2020

Lest we forget

Remembrance Day 2020 has been quite something to behold and although the year has certainly been tough for everyone, the silver lining is that nations across the world are pulling together to protect the vulnerable and keep each other safe.

A spirit we haven’t seen since the World Wars, a real sense of ‘in it’ together with everyone helping out.

This year we have missed the familiar sight of veterans out on our local highstreets raising money with commemorative poppies as they have had to stay at home to keep safe.

However, regardless of the circumstances, it is not a time to let Remembrance Sunday pass us by without paying tribute to the great sacrifices our heroes made to ensure we can enjoy security and freedom.

Allow us to pay these very special people tribute and ensure no-one is forgotten

The Remembrance services will not be taking place in the same way this Sunday and while we will be keeping those lost in our hearts and our minds it was certainly with great pride that we were able to restore the commemorative plaques, statues and graves in time for the occasion.

Clearing the years of grime and pollution away to allow us to see the names of our heroes allow us to pay these very special people tribute and ensure no-one is forgotten.

Our team were proud to restore the war memorials at Eton College & Parish Church, especially as our head office is local to Windsor.

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