How much do screw piles cost

How much do screw piles cost to use for your renovation project?

Screw piles are a valuable addition to many housing projects. In this blog, we’ll briefly outline what screw piles are and their application within your build, as well as exploring their cost so you can make an informed decision.

Let’s start with a closer look at what screw piles are, and how they work within the construction process.

What are screw piles?

Screw piles form part of the foundations of your property. They are driven deep into the ground and then kept in place securely, ensuring optimal weight-bearing capacity and offering support for your structure.

Whilst they’re often considered better suited to lighter structures, they are still adaptable enough to work in buildings such as houses that require top performance. The closest similar product is made of concrete, which is increasingly considered an option that should be used with less frequency (due to environmental concerns and the mess that often occurs on the property during installation).

Unlike concrete, screw piles are usually made of high-strength steel. They come in various sizes and are screwed into the ground for security and stability.

When are screw piles used?

Screw piles are used on a wide variety of projects, including everything from homes to roads. They have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly for domestic use, and test positively when compared to concrete.

There are key benefits to using screw piles. These include a shorter lead time on project completion and a significant reduction in the project’s carbon footprint – a growing concern across the construction industry.

Using screw piles can also help reduce project risk, providing yet another motivation to choose this adaptable solution for your home foundations.

How much do screw piles cost?

Getting back to the brass tacks of how much a screw pile will cost you, this depends largely on the size and scale of the project.  There are many variables that will influence the cost, including most pertinently the loading requirements and depth the screw piles are installed into.

However, as a rough indication of cost, they are typically available for around £1200 each.

If you’re interested in exploring your options in more detail, then get in touch with our expert team. We’ll be happy to talk you through the various products and help you get to grips with screw piles and the benefits they can bring to your structural project.



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